A note from your designer.


When I work with a client, I'm inspired by their motivation, their dedication towards excellence and the heart to win. I, too, strive for the same goals as a designer. When you witness a visual illusion, we often ask ourselves "how did they do that?" My designs are just like an illusionist in the world of magic. When I witness visual perfection, "it is magic". I understand the journey of the athlete.

The competitor is a unique individual, an artist in their own right. I admire that. When I work with a client , I am creating for a champion and whether this is your first show or you are  a seasoned competitor,  you assume the aspiration of a PRO. I use my creative talents and technical skills in order to achieve this.


In the end, my endeavor is to present the competitor as a piece of fine art to be  admired, respected, and aspired by the world.

My clients deserve nothing but the VERY BEST.

- Renee


Mission statement.


Renee Paz specializes in competition posing suits for bodybuilder, physique, figure,  and bikini competitors.  We base our company philosophy on three main principles:

  • Original artwork and design,

  • The finest quality craftmanshiip,

  • A Design that gets you noticed.

​By making Renee Paz your designer you present a statement that makes YOU stand out from all the rest.