Client Profiles[removed]

The following profiles are just a few examples of how Renee's posing suits have captured the champion in each of her clients.  From the up and coming competitors to professional champions, our posing suits have graced the stage at all levels of the fitness industry.


Iris Kyle | 8 time Miss Olympia

One of the most decorated female body builders in history, Iris Kyle is in a class all on her own. Designs by Renee Paz has been creating some of the most beautiful creations to capture the beautiful muscular physique of this 7 time Miss Olympia champion.

Iris was born in 1974 in Benton Harbor, Michigan, the fifth of six children. Her early athletic endeavors included running cross country, basketball (point guard), and softball (shortstop). She was an All-American in basketball, and received a number of athletic scholarship offers. Iris attended Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi on a basketball scholarship, majoring in business administration. 

Kyle won her first contest, the 1994 Long Beach Muscle Classic. She earned her pro card by winning the heavyweight class and overall title at the 1998 NPC USA Championship in Las Vegas. Kyle has had a series of high placing as a professional, including sixth consecutive top five showings at the Ms. Olympia. She won the heavyweight class at the Ms. Olympia in 2001, then captured the overall titles at both the Ms. International and Ms. Olympia in 2004. In 2006, Kyle won both her second Ms. International title and her second Ms. Olympia title; she repeated this double victory in 2007. She won her third straight Ms. Olympia title in 2008. At a height of 5'7", Iris typically competes at a bodyweight of approximately 155–161 pounds. Due to an accident on the TV show "WhipeOut", that broke several ribs, she was not able to train correctly for bodybuilding competition and placed 7th at the 2008 Ms. International, but rebounded at the 2008 Ms. Olympia by winning the show.

Kyle went to the 2009 Ms. International and won the show, becoming only the second woman to win the show a record of four times. In a recent interview she said that she is planning to come back to break the record and become the greatest Ms. International in history.


Michelle Bates | IFBB Pro Figure
Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Michelle Bates is one of Renee’s most striking clients.  With her tall frame and beautiful physique, Michelle is someone to watch out for in the up coming pro season.  Currently, she lives and trains in San Diego, California and has been competing in figure just over two years now.

Michelle has always loved training and knew about bodybuilding but never really followed the sport.  However, one day her training partner took her to a show and she was inspired by the sport.  She decided to give figure a try and was on stage three months later.  Amazingly enough, she turned pro 15 months after her first show!

She received her pro card at the 2010 Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her biggest achievement as a figure competitor is the influence and incentive that she has given and received from others.  Michelle says “I have the BEST community surrounding me and we are always growing!”

Interestingly enough, Michelle has a degree in Chemical Engineering and currently oversees one of our nations largest steel rebar companies.  In her spare time she enjoys anything outdoors- especially the water.  She’s an avid football fan and is a Wolverine (Go BLUE!) as well as a Detroit Lions fan.


Heather Dees | IFBB Pro Figure

In March of 2008, Heather Dees competed in her first figure show.  Two years later, in October of 2010, at the NPC Nationals, Heather received her pro card and turned pro.  She’s come a long way from the many hours of training in the gym.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Heather was born and raised in a very large family- four sisters and four brothers plus two sets of parents. So basically she grew up in a Brady Bunch-like family.  What interested Heather in competing is that she just wanted to see how her body would transform itself and create what she believes would be her own “Ideal Shape”.  Once she saw the changes in her physique, she became excited to push herself harder and wanted to compete in figure. But what got her ‘hooked’ was when she won first place overall in her very first show!  Now that’s impressive!

One of her biggest achievements as a figure competitor is when she placed 2nd at her pro debut in the 2011 Pittsburg Pro and taking 2nd three weeks later at the New York Pro. To place in the top five at her first four pro shows in her rookie year was an amazing achievement which qualified her to compete in her first Olympia.

Aside from transforming her physique in the gym, Heather works both as a cosmetologist and a Master Esthetician.  In addition, she also coaches figure and bikini competitors.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and makes an effort to make up time with those who she’s been missing due to her busy life in the gym.


Jamie Taylor | Figure Competitor

Jamie Taylor grew up and currently resides in a small lakefront town of Port Washington, WI (located slightly north of Milwaukee).  Her mother raised 4 girls on her own (Jamie was the tomboy in the bunch).  Her mother balanced working 3 jobs at times up until all the girls were old enough to work.  She was taught true hard work ethic at an early age and that if you wanted something you had to earn it; take matters in your own hands and go get it!  Jamie was dedicated and determined to improve her lifestyle as well as her families by seeking greener pastures outside the dairy state.  She is thankful of how she embraced the hardships during adolescence and learned to excel from them in becoming a self-confident woman, who was and still is not afraid to chase her dreams!

In 2010, more than determined to be at her best and win, she decided to train, consult and have her suits custom made by the best in the industry, current Figure Olympian Nicole Wilkins and top suit designer, Renee Paz.  Nicole, as well as Valerie Waugman and Monica Brandt are her fitness icons and inspiration.  They brought out her enthusiasm for reaching the highest level of athleticism that molded her into the person she is today!

Look for Jamie in 2012 as she will compete in the Open & now Masters Figure divisions at Team Universe and Master’s Nationals in July, wearing a new custom competition suit by Renee Paz, as she continues in pursuit of the all mighty Pro Card!