A New Year Resolution 2014

I spent the last week working on the new website that is partially published as of today. I've been working through the night, and day, and night... and as usual watched the sun come up to a New Year.

During my short break I spent time sketching new ideas for my clients, and confronting developing this new website. It is a work in progress and is something that I've had to teach myself to learn. Forgive me my mistakes. I got it up! My goal was to have it up for the New Year 2014. Okay it's up, but for now its a work in progress and I will fill you in on what's to come. I definately want to have more interaction with this site. For the first time in many years I will have full control of it. It will be home to the domain ReneePaz.com. I hope you come visit often.

For those who texted to wish me a Happy New Year...... and thoughs who didn't, I sincerely wish you an exciting 2014 if I have anything to do with it. Stay focused, train hard and make this year, or year!


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