IFBB PRO Brie Eubanks

My name is Brie Eubanks, I am now an Ifbb Physique Pro. I have been competing for 5 years and have tried many variations of suits, ordering a plain one and decorating it myself (which was a horrible idea), buying a gently used suit and even custom made in less than 10 days. What I didn't realize is among these beautiful suits is there was something missing. Originality. The designs were similar or the same as other girls but in different colors thank goodness. The quality of the stones used was far less superior than expected and often times glitter spray was used to create more sparkle (which it doesn't). I had seen suits on some of my favorite pros, they literally sparkled like wet diamonds. The designs

She is an artist. Her design work is incredible. She is personable, caring and really wants to make you stand out. She takes everything into consideration when selecting a palette for your suit(s). She welcomes influences or things that you love to make it truly a original piece! You can't beat that!!! I was able to talk to her, ask her questions, make sure I would measure correctly and fit in my suit perfectly. Her customer service is beyond any other that I have received. Personally I gave her as much creative freedom with my suit as possible. I wanted her to design me, to create my look.

I cant tell you how elated I was when my suit arrived. It reminded my of Marti Gras!! Bright and colorful, with swirling designs and again like I said....sparkled like wet diamonds. It was breathtaking. Needless to say, I stepped on stage at Usa's this year (2015) and earned my Pro card wearing Renee's design! It DOES matter what your suit looks like! Why would you step on a stage with only a few moments to make them notice you and NOT be wearing a suit that will get you noticed?! If you want to get noticed, if you want to WIN...trust me when I say....Renee Paz can make you stand out! You will get noticed. You won't ever want to take it off!!! Just kidding, but you know what I mean. I am a Renee Paz client for life.

Hugs and loves


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